do-it-yourself: lampshade renewal

With the boyfriend moving in really soon, I decided to rearrange the whole appartment. Until now, I had the feeling my place was nice, but not really decorated in one consistent pattern of style, and that always bothered me. I just felt like a clean, simple style of furnishing with neutral colours would fit both me and Nick perfectly, so the last few weeks I spent my time redecorating, throwing stuff away and gaining ideas for our 'new' living space.
One of the things I def wanted to re-do was the lampshade in our bedroom. It probably is the most ugly and boring shade in the world, and it was quite challenging to figure out a way how to turn it into something nice. But finally I stumbled across this idea while browsing some blogs for ideas, and I loved it right away. 

Everything you need is an old lampshade (works great with egg-shaped shades also), some coffee filters and glue or tape (I started out with glue but switched to double-faced adhesive tape later on). One by one, fixate the filters onto the shade and let them overlap at the corners a little.

Continue until the whole shade is covered, and that's about it, done :)
This is what our new bedroom looks like, including the redesigned lampshade:

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