a night out: strand pauli

Last Friday, Nick's friend invited us to meet up with her and some other friends at a beach bar called Strand Pauli right beside the harbour to celebrate her birthday. It als was a farewell party, since she is leaving for Australia today. I had not been to that beach bar before but fell in love with it the moment we entered.

Cute little sunshades made out of palm leafs, loungers and couches with blankets to keep warm while watching the illuminated ships in the harbour, a wooden plank with torches around it to guide the way through the sand over to the huge bar and roofed seating area, where you can order cocktails and drinks but they also have some easy dishes on the menu (even something for breakfast I think..). With summer coming up, I will definitely return there soon again for some drinks or a lazy Sunday afternoon...

Still haven't really figured out the best way to take night shots with my camera, but here's at least a little glimpse of the harbour, and what I was wearing that night:

Do you like beach bars for summer? Have you ever been to a beach bar or even been to Strand Pauli? If you are ever visiting Hamburg, definitely leave some time open to get a drink there!

top / necklace: H&M
leather jacket: ZARA

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