lazy wednesday

After having abandoned the blog a little during the past few days (...won't happen again, I promise ;) ), I am really excited to show you guys my latest shopping piece. I have been searching for a light leopard blouse for like forever, but either the pattern looked kind of cheap or the cut just wasn't for me. But when we took a stroll through the Phönix Center in Harburg yesterday, I spotted the most perfect blouse at Vero Moda, luckily my size and even on sale :) We also got ourselves some ice cream, before returning home and cuddling up on the couch right away. My babe is on vacation this week (...lucky him!!), so spending the afternoon together without any dates or chores was a real bless! Also went out for sushi with my friend later that night, more than perfect day :)
This is also the first time of a post appearing in both English and German, don't know if I'll keep on doing so, what do you guys think? English, German, or both?

Nachdem ich die letzten Tage den Blog etwas vernachlässigt habe (...ich gelobe Besserung ;) ), wollte ich euch heute unbedingt meine neuste Errungenschaft zeigen. Ich habe schon seit Ewigkeiten nach einer Bluse mit Leopardenmuster Ausschau gehalten, aber hatte an jeder irgendetwas auszusetzen. Entweder gefiel mir das Muster nicht oder der Schnitt war unvorteilhaft. Als wir dann gestern Nachmittag ins Phönix Center nach Harburg gefahren sind, um einfach ein wenig bummeln zu gehen, habe ich bei Vero Moda die perfekte Leo-Bluse entdeckt, und sogar reduziert war sie :) Anschließend waren wir noch Eis essen und sind dann auch schon wieder heimgefahren um noch ein bisschen auf dem Sofa zu entspannen...mein Liebster hat diese Woche Urlaub und daher haben wir uns einfach mal einen ganz stressfreien Tag gegönnt :) Später hatte ich dann noch Sushi mit meiner lieben Freundin Dominique, total schöner Tag!
Der erste Post, der zweisprachig erscheint...ich bin mir noch nicht sicher, ob ich das weiterhin so machen werde...was meint ihr dazu? Englisch, Deutsch oder lieber beides?

[SOO in love with that cute piece, you'll probably see it in an outfit post soon!]

[outfit for sushi dinner with my friend]

blouse: PRIMARK
leggins / necklace: H&M
shoes: GOERTZ
bag: NO NAME


it's all about....TWITTER!

Just a real quick update: you can follow me at Twitter ( @heartsforheels ) from now on, so hope to see you there and welcome you as a new follower! Have a wonderful weekend guys!



quick shots

Not every picture provides a story for an own post, but I still want to let you guys know what I'm up to and also show you the shots I take during the day. I usually upload most of them on Instagram, but probably not everyone is following me there (although I would love you to do so! ;) ), and there are also some pictures not appearing anywhere else than in my cellphone, haha, so I thought a post returning every once in a while with the current shots from my cellphone would be fun. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, even though the weather is supposed to be somewhat nasty...

[Cabrioooo love!]

[Puppies @home]

[snake & slipper]

[ready to go!]

[brownie-raspberry-cheesecake, so yumm!]

[pop some colour!]


the new icons

Obviously, there are a lot of people who have a gorgeous look and are always well-dressed. But some just stick out of this pool of fashionistas to me; and although I am sure that you have heard admiring words for the following ladies a thousand times, I think its definitely worth to list their names once again (and over and over..haha, just kidding); anyways, here are my all time favorites, my personal icons :) Do you have someone you admire for her / his styles?

[Louise Roe]

Even though her style is usually more colourful than my own pick of clothes,
I instantly adored her look & personality
ever since I saw her on 'Plain Jane' for the first time.

[Olivia Palermo]

Obviously she has to appear here, talking about icons or whatever.
In my eyes (you'll probably agree...),
the definite over-the-top-amazing It-Girl!
She & her (German!) bf are so cute together,aw!

[Alexa Chung]

Not every single one of her outfits is for me, personally,
but I still think her look is really cute.
She seems like a fun person to be around...

[Lauren Conrad]

Yes, I was a HUGE fan of 'Laguna Beach' and have adored Lauren ever since
(although I didn't really like her personality that much,
at least during the Laguna episodes, but she has a pretty look anyways..)




do-it-yourself: cozy balcony

After the long winter, our balcony was all dirty and not really a place where you would love to sit outside. So after cleaning and getting rid of an old rack which was placed in the rear corner, there was quite a bit space left even though we already put up a table and two chairs. To search for ideas which would help making the balcony a bit cozier and more colorful, I went to a secondhand furniture store, called "Stilbruch" (see their site here). I have already been there a few times, and knew that their offer is always good for a surprise. Right when I entered the store, I saw this bamboo side table which was the perfect size for the corner of our balcony.

I also discovered another decoration accessory to go along with the bamboo table:

After paying 11 (!!) Euro for both, I went home and put them up on the balcony right away, together with some flowers I bought at the hardware store. And after all, I just looove how it turned out! So cozy and colourful! What do you guys think? 
(We are using the bamboo table more as a low chair, just today I was sitting on it outside enjoying the sun, perfect choice :) )


outfit: rocking peachy pastels

The summer returned just in time for my week off from work. And since I have most classes at college early in the morning, theres still plenty of time left for the various little "construction areas" all around our apartment. Yesterday afternoon, while I was downtown in search of decoration ideas, I visited a former teammate whom I hadn't seen in quite a while.

As I told you a few posts ago (here!!), white is one of this summer's MUST-haves, so again I was wearing my white pants, combined with a peachy ruffled shirt and black sandals with golden metal. On top the leather jacket which I just bought a few days ago (...but already love to death!) and my super huge cognac-coloured bag, and I was ready to go!

top: H&M
jacket: PIMKIE
glasses: SIX
shoes: NO NAME


thinking of: tunisia 2012

While the sunny weather here still leaves us waiting and Nick and I have decided against traveling this summer (except for some short weekend trips), I like to think back to our journey to Tunisia last year. Lounging around in the sun by the beach all day, taking quick dives into the turquoise water of the ocean to cool down a bit and enjoying the pleasure of being free from all chores, the days over there were just amazing. And since I hadn't opened my blog back then, I thought it would be nice to show you guys some shots from that trip...I hope you like the impressions, even though the quality of some pictures is really bad (sorry for that, my camera back then was more broken than anything else). Do you guys have travels planned this summer at all? And which countries have you traveled so far?