Berlin for Whitsun

Juggling my everyday life between college and job can be pretty exhausting sometimes. Thats why I love to have events coming up in the close future which I can look forward to; keeps me in a good mood and makes coping with daily chores a lot easier. So naturally I was psyched when Nicks (the bf) parents asked us a while ago if we would like to visit Berlin at Whitsun since they had originally booked the trip but wouldn't be able to go.


Being the little perfectionist that I am (...lets say for every other topic than preparing for exams and cleaning my apartment, haha) I instantly started collecting ideas for activities and spots to look at. Berlin has such a huge variety of wonderful things to offer, way to much to look at in barely three days.

While I'm still 'on the hunt' for even more items which could be put on our traveling agenda (both of us are not really into hardcore sightseeing, so its actually more a shopping and restaurant agenda), I would like to share some of my personal Berlin favourites with you guys:


I've been wanting to visit a Bershka store so bad, since my friend Annemarie told me about Bershka when she went to Poland a while ago.

Tony Roma's

The seafood on their menu sounds amazing, I love all kinds of dishes involving prawns or shrimps, so delish!!

Beach bar Berlin-Mitte

Since the stores are closed on two days of our three day stay,
I would love to relax at one of the many beach bars on Sunday
(praying for nice weather that weekend...)

Zalando Outlet (!!)

Do I need to say anything more?
Can't wait, yay!!

 Amrit/Mirchi Bar & Restaurant

I've already been there twice a couple of years ago, the cocktails and little Indish fingerfood dishes are soo good and the atmosphere is just really summery and relaxed, perfect for a long warm night outside.

Have you ever been to Berlin? How did you like it there? What did you do while staying there? Do you have any recommendations regarding shopping, restaurants, bars/clubs, etc. ? If so, let me know right away !!


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