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While the sunny weather here still leaves us waiting and Nick and I have decided against traveling this summer (except for some short weekend trips), I like to think back to our journey to Tunisia last year. Lounging around in the sun by the beach all day, taking quick dives into the turquoise water of the ocean to cool down a bit and enjoying the pleasure of being free from all chores, the days over there were just amazing. And since I hadn't opened my blog back then, I thought it would be nice to show you guys some shots from that trip...I hope you like the impressions, even though the quality of some pictures is really bad (sorry for that, my camera back then was more broken than anything else). Do you guys have travels planned this summer at all? And which countries have you traveled so far?










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  1. Die Bilder sind toll! Sie machen richtig Lust auf Sommer ♥


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