outfit: a walk in the park

When I decided to start blogging, I knew I needed a new camera, since taking pictures with my cellphone was not an option at all. Being on my way back home from college, I stopped by Saturn yesterday and forced myself to finally "invest"(actually not really being worth called an investion,haha) in a digital cam.

Having the day off and with the weather being really nice and sunny, mister boyfriend and I went for a walk in the huge city park of Hamburg. So here they are, my first pictures of an outfit and at the same time first try-out of my new cam.

[Loving the beautiful view and the cozy little spots and benches all around the lake]

Even though I kept my outfit pretty simple, I think the combination of black and variation of hazel colours looks chic and fits an everyday purpose perfectly. I am also soo in love with the bag I'm wearing, my friend Kathrin got it a Primark in Hannover for me (still keeping my fingers crossed for a Primark close up anywhere here someday...). How did you spend the day off? Did you enjoy the warm weather as much as I did?

top: NO NAME
pants: H&M
sunglasses: ACCESSORIZE

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