do-it-yourself: cozy balcony

After the long winter, our balcony was all dirty and not really a place where you would love to sit outside. So after cleaning and getting rid of an old rack which was placed in the rear corner, there was quite a bit space left even though we already put up a table and two chairs. To search for ideas which would help making the balcony a bit cozier and more colorful, I went to a secondhand furniture store, called "Stilbruch" (see their site here). I have already been there a few times, and knew that their offer is always good for a surprise. Right when I entered the store, I saw this bamboo side table which was the perfect size for the corner of our balcony.

I also discovered another decoration accessory to go along with the bamboo table:

After paying 11 (!!) Euro for both, I went home and put them up on the balcony right away, together with some flowers I bought at the hardware store. And after all, I just looove how it turned out! So cozy and colourful! What do you guys think? 
(We are using the bamboo table more as a low chair, just today I was sitting on it outside enjoying the sun, perfect choice :) )


  1. Dein Balkon sieht unglaublich toll aus!! Ich glaube ich muss meinen auch mal wieder etwas versch├Ânern...


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