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Obviously, there are a lot of people who have a gorgeous look and are always well-dressed. But some just stick out of this pool of fashionistas to me; and although I am sure that you have heard admiring words for the following ladies a thousand times, I think its definitely worth to list their names once again (and over and over..haha, just kidding); anyways, here are my all time favorites, my personal icons :) Do you have someone you admire for her / his styles?

[Louise Roe]

Even though her style is usually more colourful than my own pick of clothes,
I instantly adored her look & personality
ever since I saw her on 'Plain Jane' for the first time.

[Olivia Palermo]

Obviously she has to appear here, talking about icons or whatever.
In my eyes (you'll probably agree...),
the definite over-the-top-amazing It-Girl!
She & her (German!) bf are so cute together,aw!

[Alexa Chung]

Not every single one of her outfits is for me, personally,
but I still think her look is really cute.
She seems like a fun person to be around...

[Lauren Conrad]

Yes, I was a HUGE fan of 'Laguna Beach' and have adored Lauren ever since
(although I didn't really like her personality that much,
at least during the Laguna episodes, but she has a pretty look anyways..)



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