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With my birthday coming up in about one month, Mr. boyfriend keeps on asking me about my wishes for presents, and although I LOVE ( love love!!! ) surprises, I thought this post could possibly be an inspiration if one or the other doesn't have a clue about what to get me for my birthday ( ...Babe, attention please! haha ;) )

Da ich in knapp einem Monat Geburtstag habe, fragt mich mein Freund bereits die ganze Zeit nach meinen Wünschen, und obwohl ich Überraschungen total liebe, wollte ich euch hier mal meine kleine Wunschliste vorstellen (...diese könnte für den ein oder anderen eine gute Inspiration bezüglich eines Geschenkes für mich sein...aufgepasst, Schatzi!!) Haha :)

[ #1 : PURSE ]

My beloved old Mango purse broke the other day, 
a new stylish way to carry my money with me is asap needed!
Snake print preferred, cognac leather is also acceptable ;))


Maldives, Hawaii, take me somewhere warm and sunny.....haha, no, just kidding ;)
But another short city trip would be fun , 
since we haven't traveled anywhere this year for summer vacation.
We already talked about visiting Amsterdam, I would def love that!

[ #3 : CELLPHONE ]

My current cellphone is dying slowly, 
and I really like the look of the iphone 4....
there are also sooo many covers available for that version, awesome :) )


A brown cowskin would be the perfect finish for our new living room!


  1. was für eine schöne Wunschliste!! hoffe dass ganz viele in Erfüllung gehen :):-*


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